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11th June 2010

Saturday sunshine

Its a stunning November day here in Peyia. The view from our home is wonderful with the sunshine glistening off the rooftops of the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia

Ive decided to have a villa holiday today – and stay at home, by the pool, reading a good book and drinking tons of cups of tea. Its hot, peaceful and a happy place to waste a few much needed hours off.

Jake is snoring by a huge plant pot and chasing imaginary friends in his dream. Alfie is chilling out in the shade; Charlie is snoozing up the tree and Molly Mou is wherever I am (should have called her “Shadow”).

A perfect day. A perfect place – and I’ve just received a lovely bunch of flowers from Liz and Alex, the owners of the gorgeous Villa Garlands !

Heaven! Have a nice day now!

Category: Cyprus Villas News