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3rd October 2020

Saturday spectacle!

I’m so happy to be very busy today, waiting for two arrivals and having to visit a couple of families who got here, yesterday.

Part of the job is a waiting game ie for flights/for taxis and for the customers to shop/get settled in then ring to ask to see you. All good.

Only slight problem is , I have to wear glasses to read texts; a different pair to drive in so I can see signs (!) and sunglasses naturally as it’s extremely sunny! So I think I’m becoming my Nanna!

I cannot remember which are on my head/in my bag/on the car seat – and texts come in just as I’ve removed reading glasses and started to drive so I have to pull over and start to look for the reading glasses all over again ! Then I get to the villa, smile in my sunnies, (which make my look younger I think) – and the customer asks me to read something! ARGH!

So the hunt for reading glasses, squinting behind them and trying to be cool, starts all over again. It’s exhausting!

Soon, I’ll be home, poolside and as long as I can see a large glass of wine next to me, I’m fine.

Till I try too many glasses and make a spectacle of myself by falling into the pool!

All good fun – except for those with tunnel vision who think my wine drinking behaviour poolside on a work day is not permitted!

Focus on the great deals on villas for winter sunshine or 2021 getaways! Email to – but wait a moment till I get my reading glasses on LOL!