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1st January 2010

Saturday bits and bobs

LilyMay checked out of villa LilyMay today. It was very sad to see this gorgeous baby go home but she wanted to see her grandparents so her four adult “assistants” were forced to pack and take her back to UK! I made a pact with her before she left, that she’d try to come back in October and we’d have a swim in the pool together! Aged 14 months, she didn’t seem too impressed with this and gave me a “look” but I’ll speak to her parents and see what I can concoct!

Tallulah Bucket, aged 7, has just telephoned to tell me that its only 12 weeks until she arrives here and that she has been horse riding today. Life’s hard when you’re little, isn’t it?!

Tony and I have enjoyed a rare couple of hours “off” this afternoon: in between checking in guests to villas in Coral Bay, we’ve been:

– cleaning our floors/windows and carpets (me)

– polishing the furniture (me)

-cleaning the bathrooms (me)

– changing the beds (me)

– checking out the new satellite system and many channels (Tony)

…….so we’ve had a great few hours off! (Mind you, Tony is a better cook than I, so he has made our tea too!). (Course I’m doing the dishes!!).

The most important thing about today is that Tony Windows, our lovely Cypriot friend and window man, married Eleni this afternoon and is, as we speak, celebrating the occasion in Coral Bay. We’re about to get togged up and go and join in the fun! Weddings here go on for days – so we’re not hurrying to get there! Tony Windows is great and Eleni is very lucky – but she’s pretty gorgeous herself, so we’re sure they’ll do just fine. Wishing them happy ever after – and the patter of tiny paws: (possibly Jakes coz I’m about to throw him out as he is trying to pee on my clean settee!!).


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