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1st January 2010

Santa is looking ruff….

I’m worried: Jake is behaving very well and doing what he is told – sort of! The only thing we can think is that Alfie and Molly have had a word with him about Christmas coming and explained that, if he doesn’t behave, he won’t get any pressies!

It also his first birthday on Christmas Eve and Alfie is 7 the day before, so they are probably all hoping for a doggie treat of steak or chops – or anything in huge quantities!

Tiff, Charlie, Alfie and Molly know that their pressies “appear” under the tree on Christmas morning and they will be worried that Jake will be spoiling their chances by being a monster – so they’ve taken him in paw, so to speak! Long may it last!……..

December has been quite wet so far: great for the water supplies but not good for my hair! I’ve the sort that frizzes if you say the word “water” and has uncontrollable waves and curls most of the time. Do I care? Not really but with a world full of Christmas ads showing gorgeous women putting on brand new makeup, easily and attractively, I’m starting to feel the need for a little glamour! (Its quite hard to look glamorous while walking three dogs, each pulling in a different direction, up and down a very steep hill!).

At least my animals love me as I am – especially this close to Christmas! They really are far most sensitive and sharp than we give them credit for!

Wonder what they are planning to treat us to?!…. I’d actually like my other sparkly slipper back, Jake, if you are ready this – oh, and the ear off my favourite teddy bear…

Off to check on some villas in Coral Bay…….remember, Santa is watching you!

Category: Cyprus Villas News