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1st January 2010

sands of gold

One of the lovely things about being here, is the amount of interesting, multi cultural people we meet on a daily basis.

Last night, at one of the bi weekly Greek lessons, we had to write about the town where we were born and tell stories about the history. Flambina, who is Bulgarian and lives here with her Cypriot husband, wrote a wonderful story about Varna, where she was born. Apparently, the sands there are very golden – in folklore, because the privates used to hide their treasures in the sand and, over the years, the hidden gold mixed with the sand!

I love hearing things like this! Cyprus is full of stories and history. Gods and goddesses played on the sea and the land and left their magic and mark. Mind you, many of the male locals here, of all nationalities, still believe they are “gods” so nothing much has changed!

We goddesses know who really makes the magic, wherever our home is now or was in the past. Life rolls on but its lovely to have a moment in time , to leave a little “gold in the sand”…..

happy digging today!