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2nd December 2014

Same stuff, different temperature!

As I lay in bed this morning, praying that one of the dogs learns how to make me and bring to me , a mug of tea, I was smiling to myself about daily life, the differences in living here in Cyprus (ie waking up to blue skies every day) and the things that are always the same (eg having an ironing mountain, bills to pay, shopping to do, housework etc) when I realised just how much I love mornings – or more specifically, the moments between being fully asleep and ‘up, showered and dressed’

I love the sight of Molly asleep between us even after the alarm has gone off; Charlies lazy stretch when you wake him to feed him; the sound of Tonys and Barneys feet and paws running down the wooden staircase to the kitchen; the kettle going on; the ‘wind’ noises from a collection of the family (say nothing ATN!) and the general ‘waking up’ to a new day.

Whether in UK or in Cyprus, we live in paradise: of course there are problems, challenges and worries/pain for all of us but there is also , for most of us, a home, family, friends and  hope. It’s all about gratitude and attitude for me!

Thinking of the time which has gone by/families and friends etc, made me think how old Tony and I are getting. Didn’t want to show a photo of us so here’s one of the ‘old relics’ at St Pauls the Pillar garden in Paphos!photo st pauls the pillar garden