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18th July 2016

Same stuff, different temperature!

It’s Monday evening and the end of the first day of the new week. Even though ours is a 7 day, 24/7 business because of late arrivals and holiday guest queries, Monday is still Monday – and the team all need to ‘focus’ on the week ahead and be ‘in the game’.

I’m home now; have just fed the furry gang; made a curry for tea and ironed 15 of Tonys Tshirts, so life is as normal. The sun is still in the heavens and the pool is glistening and almost mocking me for being ‘busy’ and not being in it – but there are things to go and duties to complete, whatever the temperature.

Potentially the only differences are that the people in the supermarket, where I shopped earlier, wear less clothes than the shoppers in the UK – and that , as I was standing at the hob, I could hear the goat bells as they climbed the hill past our house – and see their little hooves picking through the shrubs we’ve naughtily planted on the outside of our boundary wall!

Still, I love my life, my family, our furry gang and our team , so all is good – with the exception of the fact that Tony has just decided to THROW AWAY 10 of the Tshirts I’ve ironed! AAARGH! And he doesn’t see what the problem is (but will, trust me).

Another day in paradise. If you’d like to rent a villa in Coral Bay or Peyia and join us on our daily ‘doings’, please email to us on

I’d better get on! Tony is shouting for his dinner LOL!

photo goats on the road