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12th January 2019

Salmon Chanted, “Eat Me”

It’s been a bit of a standing joke in our home that, every time I defrost strips of salmon for us to have for our dinner, something either crop up. And, inevitably means we have to go out on a call for the night. Or, something goes horribly wrong!

The Hill Gang of feral cats, don’t mind in the least as they get to eat the salmon. And, I’m starting to think that Harry and his feline friends, actually have a ”system” in place. With the stars and the energies. To cause things to be difficult, stopping us from cooking this innocent fish!

It happened again on Monday. I won’t go into details. However, having gone about our day looking forward to salmon and roast vegetables and a good old dose of Monday night TV. Tony and I ended up having to go straight from work to talk to and listen to, dear friends of ours who are making a life change. Not that we minded doing this at all. As we love this pair. But, the salmon suffered. And, was usurped by fish n chips! (Yes, neither of us have will power!).

Anyway, Thursday night dawned, with the promise of gorgeous defrosted salmon waiting for us at home – and we DID IT! Cooked, eaten, smiles all round and not a drama in the vicinity, (well, that particular) evening.

Got me thinking about the many things we are superstitious about – and how we probably put our own fears onto them, making them ”happen” when they really don’t. I mean, can you really believe a salmon is out to get us?!

Anyway, it’s a beautiful Saturday; the sun is in the heavens today and our world is blessed with peace and great family and friends, including the furry ones. Life happens and will keep doing so, god willing – but I’m cooking a chicken casserole and staying put!

Still, if you’re looking for a tasty holiday this Spring, Summer or Autumn and want sunshine, friendly people, wonderful walks/views/beaches and restaurants, on a scale of 1 to 10, Peyia and Coral Bay Cyprus, are a 20!! Email to me for offers on beautiful villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations –– and I don’t mind you ruining my dinner if you need to book urgently coz properties are already heavily booked and I don’t want you to miss out!

Happy eating and happy Cyprus holiday – I hope! (Photo is of a happy table just waiting for the guests and the food)..