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1st January 2010

Safety first today……

My Nanna always told me to dress as if I was going to run over ie not to embarrass my family by which underwear I have on! Well, today, I have to warn all my loved ones that they will be SERIOUSLY embarrassed if anything untoward happens to me!

Its Vanessas fault. She offered to buy me some new “drawers” when she was in the UK. I’m thinking, a nice neat pack of 3 for the price of 1 in pastel shades with high legs – she’s thinking, spend a bit more on a sensible pair of Simon Cowell inspired quality ones.

So, I’m now wearing a pair which I could easily stretch only a bit and have a hoodie as well as my modesty covered!

Course, its a lovely day, so I could always go paragliding at no extra cost! …..

Category: Cyprus Villas News