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1st January 2010

Sad, happy weekend…..

What a mixed bag of “stuff” this weekend has held for us: the sun is shining with temperatures of 18 degrees being celebrated across Peyia and Coral Bay – and we finally got to meet two friends of friends, Ray and Sue, who are hoping to move here to live in Peyia from March 08.

They are such lovely people: we had a great few hours yesterday afternoon, getting to know each other a little over the obligatory GnTs! (Well, you’ve got to be sociable!). It will be great having them living in a villa in Peyia: I’m planning BBQs already – and Sue loves dogs, so I foresee Tony and I getting away and leaving the animal team in Sues very capable hands! (Hope she isn’t reading this!!).

Sadly, within the pleasure of making new friends, two very special people, Ray and Imelda, are leaving Peyia after 4 years, to make a new life in Nicosia. We are both really sad: Ray and Imelda have worked for our friend Christakis, for the past few years but, like in all things, their contract has come to an end so they have to move on……or go home to Philippines.(Now Cyprus is in the EU, families wanting home help have to look to Eastern Europe or Vietnam for help, so Philippinos who are working here now , will have to leave at end of contract.

Knowing this couple has really put a few things into perspective: they live away from their children, (who are cared for by grandparents), to work and earn money for the childrens education and future. Working every hour that is sent, they never stop smiling, singing or chatting: they are totally inspirational – and we’ll miss them terribly.

I know that people come into and go from, our lives for a purpose but I’d really like to keep every lovely person I’ve ever know and will know, close to me always.

I suppose thats why we’ve got hearts and minds: an emotional “storage library”, so to speak!

Wishing Ray and Imelda love, luck and happiness in the next part of their Cyprus journey – and welcoming Sue and Ray to the beginning of their Peyia adventure!

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