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23rd November 2016

Ryanair – a new way to fly?

Oh, I had to smile today at the press coverage that Ryanair are considering a way to get the price of flight tickets right down – or make them free – by charging airports for the number of passengers they send into the airport facilities for eg checkin, shopping or eating! What an interesting, if not barking mad, idea!

Opened up all kinds of possibilities in my brain eg we charge the local restaurants and facilities here, for the number of holiday makers we send to them instead of charging the holidaymakers for their villa! Or we get the supermarkets to pay X% towards the holiday villa to supplement the cost to the holiday guests in return for them shopping at that supermarket. Ditto payback on car hire/alcohol (now there is a money stream!) or activities!


Actually, I’m a believer that the ”secret is always in the centre”, so just maybe there is something in the logic of all of this. After all, the owner of Ryanair has a point: eg without him and other airlines, there would be no one in the airports – though I know the airports will argue, without them, there are no facilities for aircraft……but it’s interesting and worthy of a lot of thought!

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Christmas is coming! Photo below is Peyia at Christmas 2016photo-christmas-peyia

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