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1st January 2010

Runaway dog!

What a morning! We were just nicely waking up this morning with the sun shining on our lovely Peyia village, when there was an almighty battle in the garden……

Molly was barking, Alfie too – and Jake could only be seen from the back end – or rather, all we could see of him was the edge of his tail and enormous bottom as he disappeared over the top of the 6 foot fence we’d put in to stop him escaping.

Watching him run through the bougainvillea bushes down the edge of the path towards the hill, was both funny and frightening – this is not a dog who returns on command!

Chasing two cats away, Jake was pelting at full speed down the hill, with Tony and I now in hot pursuit!

20 mins, a car chase, some tears (mine and one of the cats) later, Jake was back in the bosom of his family and having his bloodied nose licked better by Molly!

And it wasn’t even 8 am!!

Tired doesn’t cover it – then the day began………….

Category: Cyprus Villas News