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1st January 2010

rubbing shoulders with great people!

How lucky are we? This year, amongst many, many other returning villa guests, we’re welcoming back famous people eg David Mills and John Mills. I’m cross because this morning, Tony went to meet John and his wife, to sort out the villa booking details and I was stuck on business! The Mills are a lovely family and we’re very pleased to know them.

Got my own back on Tony though: a few weeks ago, I met Joan Collins, who was having coffee at Yialos Taverna and, when I accidentally parked in the way of her view, told me off and asked me to move! Which I did: immediately!!

Was she the real Joan Collins? Yes, of course: to her and family and friends, she is the ONLY Joan Collins!

I was once asked, while working for a radio station in the North East of England and managing a roadshow where some groups were performing, “Are you someone?”…..

The questioner, a pretty teenage girl who was holding her autograph book out towards me, was quite disappointed when I laughed and said, “No, not really!”….

Liz Hurley is holidaying with us this year – as are David Essex and Tom Jones, so its not unusual for us to deal with “famous names”. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the joke!).

Anyway, all of our villa guests are celebrities to us, whatever their names. Its great fun trying to picture them before they arrive though!

One family got their own back on us recently and said, “You two are a lot older than we thought you would be”…….

Older, maybe but wiser, never!

Category: Cyprus Villas News