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6th July 2011

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art my undergarments?

I’ve just returned from visiting Tony Without Teeth and Bill and cannot believe what they’ve been up to!

Their ensuite seaview room with better food than we make, has a balcony, from which the drop is approx 10 metres to a corragated roof top above a storage. For reasons known only to the two of these, Joan (TWT) hung her not insubstantial knickers on the top of the patio rail – and they fell off. So Bill, aged 88, climbed OVER the rail and dropped down to the rooftop to retrieve them. Joan said she shouted “Stop” but of course, Bill couldn’t hear!

Not content with this escapade, Bill then shimmied BACK UP the wall to the patio, undergarments in his dentures and gave them back to his beloved Joan!

I tell you. Its enough to turn me to drink if I didn’t have to check holiday guests into the lovely Villa Garlands in Coral Bay tonight!

Category: Cyprus Villas News