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1st January 2010

RomANTic morning!

Today, Christmas Eve, is our 22 wedding anniversary. Tony and I have celebrated 22 years of bedded bliss- its just the waking hours that have caused us a few quarrels and problems. But such is life!

I was woken today with the immortal words:

– “We got ants in the living room”


– “The guests in the villa in Coral Bay want more blankets”


– “Your phone has been beeping”……

I did get my morning cuppa, which I dearly appreciate and Jake/Alfie/Molly and Charlie came in for a cuddle, so it was a family loving morning start……..

Twenty two years is a long time but its gone in a whisper. There are no guarantees are there: just give (girls) and take (men) and a mix of both if you are lucky and the balance goes right.

I think we’ve been exceptionally lucky so far and I’m looking forward to the 22 years ahead. In fact, am sharpening tongue and knife blades as I write!! (Only joking!! My tongue is sharp enough!)

Seriously, Tony is one in a million and I’m very proud to be his wife. He must be tolerant too: there I was a few moments ago, hoovering (the ants) , dressed in favourite scottish tartan PJ bottoms and ill fitting sweat shirt! Not a pretty sight – and not a romantic one either!

Today is for us – and the animals and prep for tomorrow but I’m grateful we’ve reached today and will cherish every moment of it: bring it on!

Happy Anniversary Hubs xxxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News