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14th September 2014

Romance is in the air!

What a lovely couple of days its been! Steve, our gardening manager, married Louise on Friday in Limassol at the Elias Beach Hotel. Tony and I were honoured to share in the day and we loved every moment of it. Lou had worked so very hard, helped by Vicki from Tietheknot wedding co-ordinations – each detail worked with the other – but mainly, the happy couple beamed with delight from start to finish. Held on the pier, just over the beach at the hotel, it was beautiful (photos below).

Then today is the first anniversary of Roy and Babs Bialowas: two wonderful people , (Roy is our pool team manager and Babs owns and operates the housekeeping company who keep us right!), who are the example of two halves making more than one full couple. They are such good and caring people – but together, they are unbeatable and we want to wish them happy anniversary from all of their friends and working  family here at and The Poolpeople Ltd.

PLUS , with romance well and truly in the September air, please don’t tell anyone but Tony held my hand in public last night! I was telling him how much I’d enjoyed the wedding/how quickly Babs and Roys first year had passed and how much I’m looking forward to Bob and Caz wedding in October – and he reached out and held my hand! Unprompted! (….actually, thinking about it, it may have been a squeeze, translating as ‘shut up’?!)

Anyway, if you want romance in Cyprus and would like to get married here, email to me on and I’ll help you talk to all the right people! Enjoy the photo! the first kiss