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1st January 2010

Riding the waves…

So Mum and Jim spent the morning sitting on the wall of their new home, waiting for the container with their possessions in, to arrive at their new address.

And it didn’t.

And when I rang to find out why, I was told that it wouldn’t arrive for approx 6 days……………..which is entirely and utterly frustrating and annoying, not least as the whole of the move/refurnish of the house in which Mum and Jim lived here and their flights/moving in date was all booked around the 2nd April…….

Luckily, the wrinklies have got wonderful neighbours who are also friends and who’ve kindly offered to put them up until their goods arrive and they can go and live in their new home. So for tonight and the next few days, Mum and Jim can look at their house, walk around the empty rooms (well, they could if Mum could walk yet) and imagine what it will look like.

I cannot imagine what would happen if our holidaymakers arrived and we had to tell them, sorry but you cannot have what you’ve organised and paid for , for the next 6 days at least……………….doesn’t bear thinking about!

Category: Cyprus Villas News