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1st January 2010


I’ve not been lucky enough to be a mum, sadly but as I’ve got older and appreciated the love of nieces and nephews/god children and ‘fairy’ god children, I’ve accepted that love comes in all shapes and sizes and each bit is precious….

At the tender age of 53, Tony and I have, as you know, ‘adopted’ a puppy: not just any old puppy but an 8 week old, 7 kilo American Akita who is strength and mischief on 4 legs- and the more sleep I lose and chasing around after him that I do, the more my respect grows for every mum in the universe who successfully loves, grows and cares for offspring while still managing to stay sane!

I know that a lot of the pressure now is that we are older and would love to be sharing in the love of grand children but that’s not looking likely, so we throw our love into our extended family and furry family. Probably, taking on a ball of so much energy at our age and ‘creaking limbs’ stage, wasn’t the most sensible idea we’ve ever had but when you fall in love, you fall in love………….

Still, I take my hat off to mothers !
And I’m wondering if there is such a condition as, “Post Puppy Depression” coz I think I’ve got it – and the dark circles/aching back to accompany it LOL!

Category: Cyprus Villas News