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1st January 2010

research and development

Like any professional business, we take the element of research very seriously. Its critical to ensure that we are offering the best possible services for our holiday makers staying in villas in Coral Bay. We need to know where to go to eat/drink and enjoy the culture.

So, ably assisted by our four wonderful friends who are staying with us, we’ve spent a week experiencing:

– The Jail in Peyia

– The mill in Peyia

– Phidias Taverna in Coral Bay

– The Grande in Peyia

– Michaels taverna

– Chic chox cafe

– the jewellers (for Theresas beautiful diamond)

– the florist in Peyia (where Bill and Jane bought me a stunning over sized Tcup and saucer plant pot – thank you xx)

– Zaffron restaurant – to check out the wedding venue for Bill and Janes son, George

– St Pauls the Pillar church (see, we are cultured!)

– have driven past the mosaics/thought about going to the monastery and discussed the history of the island……

so we’ve been researching the essentials and developing a love of time off and fun! Susie and The Great Raymondodoulou welcomed us to their home and made us drink!

Its been great fun. Thank you to Theresa, Mick , Bill and Jane for coming over and helping us!! Lets do it again soon xxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News