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6th November 2019

Repitition builds reputation!

It was very disappointing to read today in the local Cyprus Mail, that some holiday makers this year, have been ”duped” into booking holiday villas and apartments which don’t exist. I honestly don’t know how people can do this to those who entrust their holiday to them -but I can be very naïve!

We are SO lucky to have worked with a wonderful set of villa and apartment owners for many, many years. People who care enough about their properties to keep investing in them – and holiday makers who’ve got to know us enough to keep coming back! Sometimes, up to 3 times in the same year!

I love getting to know the people who book with us! It’s great to try to go the extra mile to help them eg with a birthday celebration or special occasion – or just to listen to those who may be a little down and may be on holiday to try to escape something in their lives.

People matter so very much. The owners, those who work on the villas to keep them 100% – and the people who entrust their hard earned holiday to us. The day I stop caring about people, is the day I’ll have to hang up my flip flops and find another way.

Please don’t judge all companies who rent properties online, by the few who let us down. In this area alone, there is a great network of good, honest, hardworking and caring villa managers and marketing people. Just ask the questions – and ask for proof eg who owns the property/where are they based etc. If it’s right, you’ll get the info without any hesitation.

Your holiday matters – and I certainly care enough to tell you it matters enough to me to make me always go the extra mile for you and be here for you, from enquiry to departure – that’s why you get my personal mobile number and can see where I live in Peyia, on the photos.

Come on! book your holiday with us and trust us to help make it very happy!  Email to


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