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1st January 2010

Repairs r us!

We’ve got two lovely people working with us now – officially from 1st March but they have been helping with odd jobs lately coz we’ve been very busy eg repairing storm damage/settling guests in etc. One of the newer villas, which is close to the seafront, suffered a strange bit of damage when the cover of the eletricity box blew off, almost completely and was hanging from one screw. Garry, our trusty friend, went down to the villa immediately to repair it so no further damage was caused ie to any electrics. Two owners of another of the villas in the same cul de sac, rang us about something else and said they’d seen Garry repair the electricity box – on someone elses house – and that the original villa of ours in Coral Bay, was still in need of repair!

So Tony went to check and, yes, Garry had done a great job – on the wrong villa! We’ve had a good laugh about it and Garry has now fixed the box on our villa but we’ll not let him live it down!

Its been a gorgeous day: 18 degrees; so Jake has just taken us all for a walk by the seafront. No, I said that right: Jake took US for a walk: all of us; Alfie, Molly, Tony and I. The pup was SO excited that he dragged us along the muddiest part of the clifftop, with us all hanging on to one another to stay upright! (Tony is on the phone trying to find a dog trainer as I write!).

We’ve got home and couldn’t find Charlie – until we went to put the milk back in the fridge and found Charlie eating cheese on the bottom shelf!. Don’t worry, he’d only just got in there coz we’d only just opened the door to get the milk……..but he was lucky to get out quickly coz Tony was a bit cross!

I’m going to keep my head down tonight and suggest the animals do the same too!

Have asked Garry to ring us to let us know he’s home safely – to his own villa, that is!

Category: Cyprus Villas News