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1st January 2010

renogade vegetables……….

Oh dear, the annual (brief) storms have hit with a vengence and we’ve had a few floods in the new properties. Whilst these are normal teething troubles, the rain is so heavy yet infrequent. that the owners of the new villas in Coral Bay dont really expect to have such problems.

We sort these quickly and easily – its the other things which cause a problem…

Yvonne found a leek coming through the ceiling in one of the villas. We didnt know whether to save it and saute it with the turkey or let the owner know about it!….(sorry,Yvonne, couldnt resist!)

Another guest in a villa in Peyia was telling us that the TV didnt work – and we found her trying to turn the TV over with the aircon switch!

I’ve tried to access a townhouse in a row of 6, with the key for number two when I was at number 5 – and Tony has accidentally climbed through the wrong bedroom window to assist a client who was locked out – of the villa next door…….

All good fun – though we are at a loss to know what to do with the Scorpio a guest in Coral Bay swears she has seen in her pool……..maybe the guest is a gemini and this intruder isnt compatable with her?

I need talk: dont know my marrows from my sweet potatoes – so thats shallot for now!

Category: Cyprus Villas News