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11th October 2013

Remembrance Sunday

Its Remembrance Sunday and once again, I’m transported back in time to being with my beloved Nanna, in Hebburn, walking to the Cenotaph with her and watching as she shed tears for those she’d lost………

Being too young to understand her grief, I was still in awe of the peace, ceremony and calm which seemed to fill the park; watching the soldiers in their uniforms and ‘feeling’ the salute in my very core………..

Last night, I woke up and could see, through the window behind our bed, the night sky, filled with stars. Suddenly I thought of my Granddad and so many thousands of men like him, who would, for many years, have slept under those skies, battle weary and afraid – and longing for the comfort of their families and homes……….suddenly I felt so very lucky to be alive, safe, warm and at home: and so very grateful for all of those lives who’ve walked this path before us, to ‘light the stars to guide us safely home’………

My thoughts today are with all of those who give their lives to keep the rest of us safer than we would be, if no-one cared enough to protect us.

Dealing with holidays in villas and apartments in Coral Bay can sometimes be a battle BUT its a honour to be alive and free to do this (or any) work.

Very proud to be ‘my grandparents granddaughter’ – and I never forget that. x

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