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11th November 2012

Remembering with love

Its Remembrance Sunday and it always is a day which pulls at my heart. Not that I’m old enough to have been part of the wars but my grandparents were. Like many , many people, they and their families battled through these terrible times to try to create a better life for those of us who followed.
I remember standing next to my nanna, at the Remembrance Sunday services in Hebburn, marvelling at this tiny lady who stood proudly remembering her brothers who were lost, family who suffered and friends who’d not survived. She was a normal North Eastern lady, who’d come through terrors with dignity and a belief in the power of family and love……

Another lady who is on my mind today, is our beautiful friend Lesley, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. We shared a wonderful meal with Lesley and Dave, at Tweedies restaurant. The meal was great for so many reasons: Lesley has been fighting her own battle for the past years, one against cancer which has been such a terrible and scary one to come through – but she’s come through and is so full of love and life, its hard to believe the pain she’s survived.
I’ve just been reading an article Lesley has written, in which she talks about her battle against cancer and I cannot believe how such a terrible time, has been written about so lightly and positively. Typically, Lesley has thanked everyone, acknowledged everyone but not noted how much a part she played in coming through this. She is one magnificent lady, filled with love, joy and spirit- and loved not only by Dave, whose support has lifted her on the darkest of days but everyone who has the honour of knowing her.
Today, I’m thinking of the people who inspire me and help to lift me and make me look at what matters. My Nanna was definitely one of those people – and Lesley, you are right up there, my friend! Power to you and to everyone fighting whatever battle is in front of them.

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