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1st January 2010

Remembering and respecting the journey to today

Without wishing to be heavy, I just wanted to spare a moment today to acknowledge that it is Rememberance Sunday in the UK – a day which I would traditionally have spent (many years ago) with my beloved grandparents, standing at their side as they paid their respects to loved ones and colleagues who’d lost their lives in conflict.

I’m sure everyone of the holidaymakers we have here in the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, have family who’ve passed way giving their lives as part of the journey for us all to be here today……………

Cyprus is no stranger to conflict and is still an island divided. Without going into the politics or rights or wrongs, their are broken hearts and losses on all sides of the world – and for those of us whose lives remain untouched by the gravities or realities of war, we’re very lucky that we are where we are in a world of (not little) unrest.

Working in the holiday industry in Cyprus is a pleasure. Working with people, totally rewarding – but we’re all fighting our own civil war in our heads – and lifes challenges/losses and rewards are all more than worthy of at least a quiet moment today.

I for one, am grateful to be “in the moment ” today – and my thoughts and thanks go out to those who’ve given their lives to, “Light a star in heavans path to guide the way of those who walk behind”.

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