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1st January 2010

Remembering ……

Noting that it is Rememberance Sunday in the UK , it would be wrong on me not to note the day on the blog too: Tony and I are very lucky to live where and how we do but, like many of our generation, we don’t forget that many, many thousands of men gave their lives to allow us to live as we do.

My grandparents and their immediately family all suffered as countless families did: luckily, Grandad lived beyond the war to enjoy an “ordinary life”. I’m my Grandfathers, granddaughter and proud to think of him, my Nanna and all of those who were prepared to give their own lives, to help others……….

Cyprus itself is still touched by the mark of conflict and so many people live with little freedom and so much fear, even in this supposed enlightened age.

Its a privilege and my pleasure to write lightly each day about life on this special island – but my heart and thoughts go to those who’ve “gone before to light a light on the path to heaven, guiding those who follow behind” – and to those who still fight for their own or fellow mans, freedom.

To really finding peace on this earth………….

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