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1st January 2010

reflections and excitement

It doesn’t seem right, sitting by our pool today, in the 30 degree sunshine, gazing over the gardens at the chair in which Jane sat for a week – and it being empty…. I can ‘feel’ her presence, here ‘the foursome’ laughing – and am even tempted by the pool (but not that much!) coz that’s what they be doing if they were here! We had such a great week with them: we made some memories and reminisced about others………..the house is now filled with the spirit of their laughter, chat and life force and ‘feels lovely’.

I love friends and family coming to our home – they add magic, memories and ‘life’ to the house. I can sense them in the rooms and know they’ve had fun and left a touch of their joy with us. Bliss!

Course, I’m so sad, I also feel the same way about our lovely villas in Peyia and Coral Bay: when I walk into Lily May, I can ‘sense’ the many happy customers who’ve made this great house their home in the sunshine for one or two weeks….I find checking out guests, very emotional: that they’ve had a great time, is wonderful; that they don’t want to leave and are not looking forward to ‘real life’, makes me want to cry – and a ‘rep’ isn’t supposed to cry so I’m tough/smile and go home very melancholy, doing it all at the next checkout!

Actually, this is ‘real life’ – for us coz we live here but for the visitors too: its a precious, window of relaxation to just drink in the sun/welcome/villa/moments – oh, and a little wine to help the economy too!

‘Thoughts are living things’…. No wonder our home and villas/apartments feel so happy – they are full of happy thoughts from the many , many visitors who’ve lived in their walls….. Long may this continue………… (but for those who know and love us, we’re having a week off from visitors so DONT book a flight without asking us -LOL!)

As if…………the door is always open as well you all know ! xxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News