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15th April 2014

Real Walking Distance to Restaurants and Beaches

I love my job but one of the bug bears I have is the amount of private owners of holiday properties or holiday companies who sell to customers holiday properties which they say are within walking distance of facilities but actually aren’t – or worse, they are, if you don’t mind eg trekking 30 minutes up a steep hill in searing heat or walking for 55 mins to get a bottle of milk!

From the window of our office in Peyia, we see many people walking past carrying their beach towels. They look hot and bothered and have obviously walked a long way before they even reach the office – then they have a further 25 minute walk to the beach! Peyia ISNT easy walking distance to the beaches: it is certainly ‘walkable’ but you need to want to walk, enjoy a long walk and be able to walk with eg babies and beach items.

The village of Peyia has great facilities in terms of restaurants and shops but these are all (99%) ‘collected’ together on the main road and , most, on the steep hill towards the church . There aren’t many holiday properties in Peyia which are easy walking distance to the centre: some villas are, eg approx. 10 mins stroll. Some apartments are, though these are few. Most properties are between 20-30 mins walk to the centre -then there is the dreaded walk back!

When you are booking a holiday villa or apartment in Peyia or Coral Bay , please do let us know how far you’d ideally like to have to walk to get to beaches or restaurants and also, if you are happy to rent a car or not. With our holiday properties, we do ask before we book, if you are hiring a car, to ensure that the property is right for you and that you will be happy with its location – but we also like to know clearly what your preferences are eg do you like to walk uphill (I don’t!); will you be pushing a buggy? (which tells us that some of the older back roads may not be easy for you as they are uneven)…and so on.

It matters to us very much that you choose the best holiday rental property for you . Talk to us on and we’ll share with you the best of the best in terms of holiday properties in Coral Bay and Peyia!