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28th December 2018

Real Life

With Christmas now safely behind us and the New Year celebrations on the horizon, it’s a time for reflection and counting blessings.

The past few days have been colourful! Our wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve, was ”rushed along” with a burst pipe in a villa toilet, followed by broken hob on Christmas Day, caused by the sheer weight of pans on the stove then a few, ”life” things which affect holiday villas every bit as much as they affect your home. eg broken glasses/ rain ”stopping pool play” and various small and large things which the holiday guests in some villas, wanted to talk about.

Much as I would have loved to have complete ”time out”, I am still of the mindset that it’s a privilege to work hard for villa owners and to care for my fellow human whilst he/she is on his holiday. I don’t even mind those who moan and groan – because that’s just how some people are.

This Christmas, I feel very tired BUT two things have kept life in perspective: the first, the sight of an old man, sitting at the graveside of his recently deceased wife at the cemetery in Peyia. I was driving past on my way home from a callout on Christmas Day and saw him sitting crying, looking at the flowers. Heartbreaking – and I should have stopped to give him a cuddle but didn’t want to intrude…

The second, my beautiful sister had to have more surgery yesterday: something she just didn’t need when set against the health struggles she is battling but it was necessary and awful for her………..

Life does its thing, whatever the day, whatever the season. We all lose loved ones, worry over those precious to us – and, on the many great days, laugh and love and find peace.

We’re all in it together!

Here’s wishing for a peaceful, healthy, happy and sunshine filled 2019! Am thinking each day should hold only a brief, ”tears time” then the rest should be lived in gratitude and hope – with the odd glass of decent dry white wine pushed in!

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The photo is of Barney T Rubble, reflecting on his ”lot” – and looking for the Hill Cat Gang!

Category: 2019 Holidays