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1st January 2010

reading books and cuddles

A lovely idea is being tested in some UK schools: dogs are being taken into schools so that younger children can read out loud to these beautiful animals, without having to worry about their doggy pals criticising the reading or the mistakes. Apparently this idea has worked very well in the USA so signs are good for the UK.

I love the idea. Dogs are so very special and loving, if cared for properly, of course. I can just imagine how many children would adore to have our little angel Molly, sitting with them and listening to them as they tickled her tummy. Or Alfie, our gentleman dog, who’d sit patiently, wagging his tail and watching the children in his normal attentive way.

Jake is a different proposition though: huge, cute and cuddly, he’d certainly get the childrens attention and vote – but he is as likely to steal the books, or pass wind – or tell the children exactly what he will or won’t listen to. I reckon if he could choose, he’d listen only to books about food, more food, chasing cats or more food – with the odd adventure in which he was the star!

I’m going to watch this test with interest: maybe we could do the same here in Peyia or Coral Bay!

Category: Cyprus Villas News