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12th August 2013

reaching for the stars?

Like millions of people, I’ve been feeling a great sadness over the passing of Nelson Mandela. Not that I knew the man, of course but am sad because it ‘feels’ like he was one of the most courageous people of our time: made mistakes/got over them/made a few more but continued to fight for what he believed in and the result was that one man really did make a huge difference.

Have been sat on The Thinking Step mulling over the universe when it struck me that everything we do/think and try, makes a difference in some way. Maybe it changes the energy in the universe; maybe
it is a miniscule change; sometimes its a great change- but the ‘doing ‘ is the real thing…….
I always thought when I grew up, I’d know what it was I was supposed to do – but maybe I’m doing it , in a quiet, unimportant but committed way……I like people and I like making sure they have the best holiday they can. It matters to me (and to our team) that people are happy in their villas and on their holiday. Nothing world changing about this but maybe on some almost insignificant level, if people are happier, they are more able to think clearly about what it is they can do well and how to set about doing it…..

That said, there are wonderful people here, like Susie Floozy , who do so very much to help homeless dogs and who work in very unhappy circumstances surrounded by many sad stories: that’s real and that’s important, far more so than many things we all do, including me …..

My granddad used to say, ‘do your best and best can do no more’……..I’m going to try harder: just ‘doing’ isn’t enough, is it?

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