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1st January 2010

Rays nashers….

Oh deary, deary me. We did what we thought was the right thing and introduced The Great Raymondo to a local (wonderful) dentist. Ray had chipped a tooth and needed it to be fixed. Didn’t matter too much coz the tooth was at the back of Rays mouth and we could only view it if Ray (and we) were tiddly; Ray was almost prostrate on the floor and his mouth was open to capacity, complete with a very large finger pointing to the broken tooth.

So no-one would have known. But Ray did – so he went to the dentist in Chloraka……

Tapping Rays teeth gently to give them a “health check”, said dentist seemed to dislodge one or two or three more teeth – which duly dropped out later when Ray was having his tea. I blame Sues cooking. Ray blames us for sending him to this particular dentist. I blame sweeties from when we were all young – and Tony blames ME for everything!

So thats settled.

Anyway, The Great Raymondo is more the Sad-And-Uncomfortable-Raymondo today – and we feel terrible. He’s not even replying to texts that we are sending to Susie to enquire about his health and teeth – or lack of them……

Ray has a lovely smile and enjoys a joke – which is probably a very good thing, given the circumstances………

Only joking, Ray! This will pass and next time, you can drive past the dentist without calling in – or send you teeth with Susie and not have to see him again…..

(oh, dear – I’m in BIG trouble now!!) Say Cheese Ray and DONT hit me! x

Category: Cyprus Villas News