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1st January 2010

rain, rain, go away…..

It has poured with rain now for the past few days, bringing rocks down from the hills onto the roads and dragging a Tornado across from the Akamas which cheekily brought with it a hot tub cover and plastic santa claus!

Though the temperatures are still far above those of the UK, the rain makes me a little homesick for my family in the UK: wish they’d all just jump on a flight and come out here (bringing me enough snow to make a snowman!).

Our decorations are now on display in the office. I call them “understated” and Sam says they are mean and too few! We’ll argue this till New Year, I think!

Still, spending the day booking villas in Coral Bay for summer 2011 – and that makes me very happy!
Have a great Wednesday!

Category: Cyprus Villas News