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1st January 2010

Quartz aka Houdini Dog

Thought you’d like to know that Quartz, the beautiful little dog we cared for last Saturday night (who we called Houdini but the Sanctuary have given a much more beautiful name too), is doing really well and has had a couple of offers of homes too!

The Great Raymondodoulou was telling me last night, as we shared a cool glass of wine (not the same one!), in the The Mill, in Peyia, that he’d seen Quartz that morning and she was looking well. I am so pleased. Once she is fully better, I hope she can take up an offer of a loving home and begin to live the life she deserves.

Though I suspect she’ll miss the many treats Susie F and her friends are taking to her each day!

With our animal family all happily snoozing in the winter sunshine as I’m writing, I wish you all a lovely Sunday!

Category: Cyprus Villas News