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1st January 2010

Quadruple blog parts……..

Where do I begin? …….Tony and I have just returned from a wonderful weeks holiday (spent mainly in Cyprus) and have been getting very big doggie and cat cuddles since we walked up the steps.

Actually, thats not entirely true: Aunty Sue and Uncle Ray have been animal sitting – mainly, Sue has – and the animals are totally in love with her (though Jake seems to prefer snuggling up to Ray). When we came in, the gang were quite pleased to see us but more intent on concentrating on Sue and Ray than us!

Sue and I had a little “power struggle” over Mollys affection; Molly remained diplomatic and sat between us both, cuddling one then the other. Alfie had a quick snog with me then settled back down. Charlie was chatty, as was Tiff – but jake just wanted to either wind bathe or lick Ray!!

Its now been two hours since Sue and Ray went home and we’re getting settled back in together as a family. Molly is now very pleased that I’m home – not least, coz she’s only got me to make a huge fuss of her now! Aflie has had his tea, so is happy and Jake has stolen Tonys pie, so he is happy!

Charlie has tested my devotion to him by getting me to climb onto the back wall on four occasions now, to lift him down. Of course, once I get up, he doesn’t want to come down and folds his paws underneath him so I cannot grab him. As soon as I get down off the wall, he cries to come down………..this could be a long night!!

We haven’t been away for years and it was SO lovely to have time together, just pottering about and seeing the sights, knowing the animals were being so well loved. We really cannot thank Sue and Ray enough – though I’m sure now we are “eternally in their debt”, they’ll find ways to make us suffer!! And we’ll fight back!

Seriously, from all of the Hillbellies in Peyia: You Two are the BEST!!!

I’ve tons to tell you but I need to unpack so this blog is going to be in a few bits (hence the title). Stick with me: just need to get a washload in and put the toiletries away then, I’ll be back!! (Its hard work this holidaying mullarkey! Must show a little more empathy with our villa guests when they are packing!).

Till later ………………

Category: Cyprus Villas News