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1st January 2010

putting fires out……….

Jake has a new career – or at least he is training to have a new career! Yesterday, we had the service engineer visit our home to service the two gas fires we have. The evenings are drawing in and we need the welcoming warmth of the gas/heat.

The engineer, Michael, loves dogs – which is a very good thing because the dogs love people! Especially interesting people who are “doing things” in their home with “bits and pieces” the dogs can steal and play with.

Jake was first to get involved in the process: Michael brought a new regulator up the steps and left it near the gate in its box, while he went to the car to get some other parts.

When he returned to the gate, Jake and the regulator (still in its box) were running around the pool………..Jake then followed Michael into the house and began to steal the coals which Michael was taking out of the fire, one by one. Jake took these outside too, adding these to his regulator and (quickly stolen) pipe………….we think he was actually trying to build his own fire outside!

Thankfully, Michael had a great sense of humour and happily let Jake (who was then helped by Alfie and Molly), play with the bits and pieces, swopping them over for other playthings when he needed the current possession.

By the time I got home, the fires were working, Jake was outside playing with the various boxes and Michael, with tools in tact (!), had gone home!

Category: Cyprus Villas News