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1st January 2010

Puss in huff!

Am in total charge of the care of Tiger puss, Yvonne and Garrys beloved pet. They’ve deserted (! just to annoy them!!) him for the weekend and left him in my care. Not at our house – oh, no, the Hillbelly animals wouldn’t like that – but at their gorgeous villa home in Coral Bay.

Last night, on my first visit to feed him, Tiger was a little friendly but left me under no illusions that he wasn’t going to make life easy for me – but he ate his food, scratched his side then pushed his tail in the air and flounced off, with a mouthful of biscuits.

This morning, he observed me from his “bed” in the sun and let me fill his bowl but ensured I was well out of the way before he came to eat!

Now I’m going to fettle him and sneak back at lunchtime to see if he really will give me a cuddle, which Yvonne assures me he does at 1pm each day. We’ll see!!

He’s a sweet little pussycat. Still very feral in nature, he’s got his people wrapped around his little paws and exactly where he wants them. Maybe he senses that I know animals a bit and have got his number, so he’s keeping out of the way in case I give the game away and tell him straight.

Tony says maybe Tiger just doesn’t like me! Which could be true in which case he can stick his cuddles but I’ll still go and feed him!

My animal gang love me: they must do: they all jumped on the bed this morning to give us a huge family hug – or was it to push us out and get their own space to chill? Probably the latter: after all, it was past 8am and we were due out at work!

Who is in charge of whom (or which or who? -can never remember the proper English on that one!!). Have a good day!

Category: Cyprus Villas News