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1st January 2010

Puppy love……..

One of my dearest, most beautifully natured friends is about to get a little pup for her gorgeous girls and is a little bit worried about having a dog. She asked me recently if I thought it was a good idea……and I don’t know what to say:

How do you explain to someone the feeling of love that dogs give you when they look at you with such total admiration?

Or how special you feel when you come in from being out of the house for a whole hour – and they make you feel like you’ve been missing their whole lives and they were just living for the moment to see you again?

I cannot find words, without filling up, to explain how much love I have for my dogs and cats. How hearing Molly snoring contentedly on the settee, is one of the nicest noises in the world. Or how Alfie makes me feel cared for and protected: (he doesn’t let me out of his sight if he can help it).

Jake makes me laugh: he has no idea how big he is (11 stones) and lollups about like a puppy, stealing my teddy bears to get my attention or bringing me footballs to get me to play with him.

Charlie cat is so loving and cuddly: he still nuzzles and runs to find us when he’s been out vagabonding, so he can have a cuddle and make his world feel safe. Tiff is shy and private but loves to have her paw on your foot, showing you she cares but letting you know life is on her terms………

And all they ask is that you love them; understand when they need water and food; share your sausages with them – and walk/play with them a bit. In return, you get a whole world of love, loyalty and friendship.

Should Mary get a dog?…………..ohmigod yes! Yes! YES!!!

(but I won’t mention the piddles!!).

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