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1st January 2010

Psssssssst-ols at 7 paces!

Tonight was the big night! Charlie Kitten has come home – we found him hiding in the bushes of the biggest Peyia hill just next to our home. Jake was bathed and smelled delightful (though he has a penchant for expressing wind which leaves Tony standing!).

All the windows in our home were closed tight; Charlie was distraced by a piece of chicken – and Jake was invited in to the room……………….

What happened next is a bit of a blur! Lots of growling and spitting from Charlie; Molly Mou on the back of the settee shouting at Jake and the puppy himself just happily taking it all in his (very long) stride and translating the scene as a welcome committee………..

I used to have a lovely vase, with matching plate sat near a handmade chess set…..alas, no more – well, plenty more really if you count the pieces all the elements are now in!

So Jake has been put back to his kennel where he will snooze until the moon decides to leave the skies, then he’ll howl its departure over coral bay and I@ll have to get up to walk him (its my turn tomorrow). Charlie Kitten will, I hope, forgive us and sleep in our bedroom tonight.

I’m shattered – not even the beautiful evening sea off the coast of Coral Bay and Sea Caves can tempt me to sit out tonight. Its coffee and Cyprus brandy plus early night !

Kalinichta Sas!

Category: Cyprus Villas News