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2nd September 2011


I’ve asked some very good friends here to promise me that if anything happens to Tony and I while our furry family are alive, they’ll not let any of the them sit and wait for us to return…….Why? Well I made the fatal mistake of watching the movie, “Haichi”, the story of an Akita who waited 10 years at a railway station waiting for its deceased owner to return. It has broken my heart…..

I sat Alfie , Molly, Jake and Charlie down and explained to them that we know they love us but if we have to “go on” without them, they are not to wait but must go off and be loved again. Alfie listened and Molly ran riot. Jake doesn’t seem to care much as long as he gets fed and Charlie just wants us to get rid of Jake, so none of them took too much notice!

I’ve also asked Tony to wait a respectable 10 mins before he procures a younger, slimmer replacement for me, just to show a little loyalty!

Category: Cyprus Villas News