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2nd September 2021

Pride and downfall…..

Well, it serves me right!

I took a sneaky couple of hours off from work today, to do to get my roots done.

It’s necessary , as every woman knows – and also , totally therapeutic.

Andrea, my hairdresser, is such a great girl. We always have a good old natter, giggle, drink great coffee and sort out the world. She is also an artist with colour and hair!

At the tender age of clinging on to 60 – and only just doing that – I don’t often feel good but OMG, she did such  a lovely job today of cutting my hair, I was thrilled!

One of those, ”because you’re worth it ” moments!

So, I leave her salon, get into my car and as I do, a large white van, driven by a handsome Cypriot man, pulls up next to me. He smiled and shouted something through his open car window.

I smiled back and went to start my car but he shouted louder this time:

”are you the old boiler?”, was what he was asking me……

What! With my stunning hair cut! I was taken aback- then noticed his van was the Petros Electrical Company – and he was obviously looking for the woman who was going to take him to fix her old boiler…………

Bubble burst, I started the car , drove down the road and giggled me head off!

Stupid woman!

But great hairdo – thank you Andrea!


I might not be an old boiler yet but I’m a darn good help to you if you are looking for a great villa for Autumn sunshine or to prebook for 2022! Drop me an email – but don’t shout at me!