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12th March 2017

Precious days

Molly Mou, aged 15, is really starting to show signs of her age, poor little furry angel. She sleeps most of the day and night, refusing to get up when we do then wandering downstairs to join her family a little later on.

She gets very confused and stands with her tail down, trying to work out where she is and if things are okay – then sees us and her little face lights up and she’s happy. Her comfort is also found in her big, furry brother, Barney T Rubble, who offers her a warm body to lean against and a nose to lick when she wants to ”talk to him”.

Getting onto her favourite chair, where she snuggles into the throws, is harder than it used to be. She wakes each day with only so many ”jumps” in her tummy but shouts for help so one of us can do and gently lift her up so she can snuggle.

The days of running wild and taking on the world, are starting to go for her- though Harry Cat, our neighbor on the hill would differ: he dared to cross Molly yesterday so she gave him a good old telling off – before falling into a deep sleep again, quickly.

I read yesterday that doggies don’t need to live as long a life as humans, as they know how to be good and how to love and show love – but time goes too quickly, doesn’t it?

Today, is another precious day , sharing the time with our furry gang, watching over them and being there for them, as they always are for us.

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