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21st July 2017

Practise, drill, rehearse.

One of my lifelong mentors, is Harry Dunne, the inspirational radio superstar for whom I worked many years in various radio stations. I owe him so very much. He found a way to unleash in my fuddled brain, the determination and creative streak, I thought I’d lost long ago – and encouraged the team and I , to be disciplined to a fault: something that has seen me through many a tough time.

I’m thanking Harry yet again today, for the phrase, “Practise, Drill, Rehearse”, which I’m taking to the letter in using my new , ”training boat”, which is pictured below.

Many of you will look at this training boat and see a wheelchair. Well , you’d be right in theory but to me, this temporary friend is helping me master the maneuvering techniques I need when mooring up a boat and leaving the mooring/entering the channel in the harbor.

Whilst the fractures in my knee begin to mend and I take time off the crutches to rest the fairly recent addition of a titanium ”ladder’ in my back, this training boat and I are having great fun at home in the dining room/kitchen, eg reversing into tight spots; picking up ”Ted”, who for training purposes is ”man overboard” and pulling alongside the kitchen cupboards, ready to pull away again without touching them, just as I have to do with other boats. Barney’s tail provides a hazard I have to avoid and Molly is always so busy running around that she acts like a tourist boat coming out of Blue Lagoon! Though she doesn’t get the rule of passing port to port !

So, while I practice, drill and rehearse, why  not imagine embarking on your own journey to a gorgeous villa with pool, here in Coral Bay or Peyia? The sun will shine through to the end of the year and with excellent deals on villas and apartments for the Autumn and Winter months, you could invest in the best destination for wintersun, in the Med!

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