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1st January 2010

Practise, Drill, Rehearse – NOT!

We are moving our offices in Peyia tomorrow, from next to the Post Office to further down the main road where we have more space and more parking. The new office is looking very smart, with great window space and a new lick of paint.
The only problem is that the phone provider, has taken the sales “PDR” rule a little too seriously and, yesterday, cut off our internet and phones at our old office….

So I rang them.Twice. And asked them what had happened,checking with them that I’d organised the switch over for the 1st June (tomorrow). “Yes,” they confirmed, “We will switch the internet and the phone lines over tomorrow, 1st june”. “So why are they switched off today”, I asked yesterday, Monday 30th May. “Because we have to check them and get ready for switching them off…..” “Yes”, I said, “but you’ve switched them off already so can you switch them on now in the new office?” “No”, they replied, “because you only asked for them to be switched on , Wed 1st June”………”We had to get ready to switch them on”……

So, I apologise for all the replies I didn’t send yesterday or today to emails I didn’t get because the phone company are “getting ready” to switch us off and on – though when “on” will happen, is anyones guess!

Looks like I’m going to have to eat humble pie and ask to borrow Tonys I-Pad thingy!