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1st January 2010

practise, drill, rehearse…………er, fall over!

In my past life, I was a very disciplined and efficient radio executive. Deadlines were met, challenges were welcomed and goals, surpassed……………… this current incarnation, working with my wonderful husband to lead a very fun and vibrant villa holiday company, I find I’m getting a little rusty, though thankfully, not where the work is concerned!

Today is a very busy day: we’ve holidaymakers arriving in villas in Coral Bay and Peyia and tons to do, so I got up extra earlier and decided to practise my Yoga postures and disciplines to sharpen my mind and body ready for the day………..but its all gone a little pear shaped:

– my sitting dog started to make me sleepy so I had a coffee

– the swan dive almost crippled me and I lost my balance

– reaching to to stretch, I forgot I’d put the cooling ceiling fan on and got an instant and unwelcome part manicure……

Now, I’ve got to give thanks to the sun god and say a prayer for truth……

The truth is, I’m seriously unfit; need so much practise, there isn’t enough time left in the universe to get my bones to do what they need to and my muscles have a mind of their own (or an “on button” which I cannot find!). As to an inverted shoulder stand and flushing out the toxins before the day, cobras to that: I give up! (for now!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News