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1st January 2010

power surges and middle age…..

Oh, the joys of getting older. Today I’m wearing bright purple socks which don’t match the elegant, understated fawn and brown outfit I’m wearing. Luckily no-one but me knows about the socks but its amusing me no end, having these ridiculous things on! Mind you, if anyone else comes in to the office and annoys me, I just may flash my purple clad calves!

Also have an anorak (logo’d) in my car AND its got a hood! Wonderfully useful when its raining as much as it has been today but totally bad for street cred…..

Not that I care about my street cred today: have serious “power surges” going on , which I’ve been suffering for the past 2 days and which have resulted in :

– our fridge being cleaned to within an inch of its life

– the dogs standing to attention when I walk into the house! They are terrified of me

– Tony letting me watch whatever I want on the TV


– I’ve indexed the pantry……

Am still not happy or settled though: will need to curb my temper while I check in guests to villas in Coral Bay. That will be easy coz I love the holiday villa guests and want them to be happy…..god help my gang when I get home though!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News