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11th April 2010

Power Shower

Tony and I had dinner the other evening with a wonderful couple who, like us, have been married to each for for 7oo and 47 years (or so it feels sometimes)…… We were discussing life, the universe, their villa and marriage – and the latter brought a few laughs…..

I promised not to name them in this story but a blog is a blog: those of you who’ve been together a while will understand that, sometimes the sparkle on “things” fades a little, even if just for a while but there are moments in life when the moment is just, well, THE moment!

The lady with us made me smile at her memory of a shower room in Singapore which , if it could talk, would have the power to make her blush more than she made her husband blush. Apparently, this was one of their moments – and she was thrilled just talking about it!

I offered to share a few of our moments but Tony looked at the clock and decided that it was time to go home…..obviously there aren’t enough hours in the day to review the times we’ve had…………we could start though: may save a moment or two when Strictly is on and I want to watch it, hee hee!

Category: Cyprus Villas News