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1st January 2010


We regularly do inventory checks for our villa owners. Glasses get broken, plates too and towels seem to disappear into the ether! Pool ring, if left out, go walk about and once, even a sandwich maker mysteriously crawled into the case of one of our villa holidaymaker guests and left for its UK holiday!

I’ve been checking things at home too – and at the house where my Mum used to live. We’ve some people renting this house from July so all of the bits and pieces need to be in place and I’ve enjoyed sorting out/preparing etc.

Thinking about inventories as I was feeding breakfast to the dogs this morning, it suddenly hit me how upside down things can get: our animals own us, not things. We are their people/their family and their world – and thats enough for them – well, as long as we come with regular treats of steak (Charlie cat), toast (Alfie), empty chewable boxes (Jake) and cuddles (Molly)!

We are owned lock, stock and barrel by them: they hold my heart in their paws and really don’t give it too much thought at all as long as I let them do their thing and enjoy walks with them.

So, I’ve taken stock at home today and realised how lucky Tony and I are, even if our teatowels seem to have vanished and there isn’t a sharp knife in the house, let alone a new lightbulb!

Category: Cyprus Villas News