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1st January 2010

possession is nine tenths of the paw

Jake has been holding three shortbread fingers hostage all night and morning. He won’t move, drink, pee or leave them – and we cannot get into the lounge either coz we’d have to pass Jake and said shortbread fingers – and he isn’t having any of it.

This means the main door to our bedroom, which is just off the upstairs lounge, is also a no-go area: Jakes territory extends to the door, blocking the curly stairs and the lounge – so Alfie, Molly , Charly, Tony and I have had to use the stairs in the old part of the house to get to our bedroom. Tiff is just sitting at her window vantage point, taking it all in and probably laughing her little whiskers off!

A few minutes ago, Tony returned from shopping (for a paintbrush) and came back with bags of crisps – one of which has also been captured by Jake and is now sitting on top of his shortbread fingers……..

I think we’ll just have to leave him until he tires of this but if he tries to take my glass of chilled white to accompany the goodies, he’s in BIG trouble!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News