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11th February 2010

Pools, people and problems……

Firstly, I have to say another HUGE thank you to Susie Floozie and The Great Raymondodoulou for looking after our dogs so that i could attend the pool training course on Wed and Thursday. You two are totally fab and I couldn’t do without you – which you know and will make me suffer for at some point in the future, I’m sure!

Secondly, ohmigod! How scary is it knowing about what keeps pool water balanced – and what happens if it isn’t! Now, in our home, normally the “p” word is banned due to overuse and heavy boredom factor but now I’m converted and am officially “one of them”, I’ll wax lyrical for a little while and have a “P” moment of my very own…..

Most expats of working age, who come to Cyprus to live, have never cleaned water in their life but need work so buy a small pool test kit, a pole and a hoover and call themselves pool cleaners…………worse, they charge to clean pools not only badly but also dangerously! I’ve learned that unbalanced pool water harbours so many germs, even in clear water, that it can cause:
– cancer,
– legionnaires disease
– e coli
– the runs……………………….and so many more illnesses!

Keeping pool water clean is CRITICAL – for swimmers first and the pool itself too.

Thankfully, all of our pool team are qualified NSPF CPO operators and now we’ve got our own pool geek in the office – ME!!

PLEASE do call me or email and ask me pool water questions! I’m SO VERY EXCITED by it all……………………

Seriously, is very important but I do agree with you Susie F (coz I can sense you laughing from here!): I need to get a pole, no I meant a life……..and I’m not taking the P!

Category: Cyprus Villas News